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Preparing for retail in a post-COVID world

Retailers have weathered storm after storm of partial, full, and reversed lockdown restrictions throughout the COVID pandemic, and there’s no sugar-coating 2020’s grim figures. But adapting to an evolving world has always been a major part of this industry.

However, there are things retailers can do moving forward. Rich, accurate product information will be vital to continued growth in both the analogue and digital spaces, and to ensure a successful comeback, retailers will have to balance a strong online presence with an engaging in-store experience.

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Overcoming an entire industry’s critical challenges

The way we shop is changing. Footfall to conventional retail stores has been dropping at a steady rate for years, with many brands forced to close stores as commercial rates soar. Instead, customers are increasingly shopping online as retailers implement seamless, UX-focused digital channels.

Together with WBR Insights, Panasonic surveyed 100 Heads of Retail and equivalent roles from companies across Europe for our Future Stores report to find out more about the challenges they’re facing. Are you ready to discover the innovative solutions they’re bringing to the table?


Rewriting the possibilities for retail

With businesses across Europe facing a perfect storm of changing buying behaviours and digital disruption, the time is right for the next wave of business innovation.

Bringing together 100 years’ experience of adapting to an ever-changing world, we use Gemba Process Innovation to develop the right solutions for our retail customers: From electronic shelf labels, to dynamic pricing and interactive displays, and instore intelligent analytics and security solutions – we’ll help to make your in-store experience unforgettable.

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