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Why your postman might have a technology background

As one of the world’s oldest and largest industries, it’s fair to say logistics has evolved considerably since the days of the horse and cart. And with its growth set to continue over the coming years, businesses need all the insight they can get in order to make the best decisions for their staff and end customers.

The role technology has played in the logistics’ growth has been invaluable. From supply chain optimisation, to new communication approaches; a revolution in customer-centricity to new extents of agility – all these areas benefit from the technological progress of IoT, big data, robotics and AI solutions.

Explore the technology insights we’ve discovered in our editorial on the end-to-end transformation of the logistics industry.

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Digital transformation: Logistics’ hidden sustainability hero

No matter where we live, or what sector we work in, sustainability is a hot topic for all of us. Changing regulations are affecting businesses across the world. And companies in the transport and logistics sector are no exception.

So how can businesses manage the balance between profitable operation and sustainable business?

The good news is, becoming more sustainable doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul of your business model when you have the right technology on your side.


Transforming warehouse efficiency with Visual Sort Assist

It’s only by getting to know our customers’ businesses inside and out that we can discover the pain points which are hampering productivity. And at Panasonic, this is exactly what drives us to invent solutions that deliver true innovation.

In fact, one of the greatest examples of our culture of innovation lies with our Visual Sort Assist solution.

Visual Sort Assist (VSA) combines scanning technology and projection to speed up the process of sorting parcels on a conveyor belt. Through the semi-automation of parcel checking and routing, you can improve your sorting operations dramatically – and use the time you’ve saved to focus on other critical tasks.

But don’t just take our word for it.

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