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Changing society for the better

With the number security cameras around the world predicted to reach one billion in 2021, the combination of Artificial Intelligence and latest generation open camera technology has the opportunity to change the world’s perceptions from ‘Big Brother’ to big benefit.

AI at the Edge marks the evolution of our relationship with Artificial Intelligence. Expect a shift away from AI’s traditional use as an analytics and reporting tool, to using it in tandem with the latest generation visual technology as a proactive, preventative security measure.

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Connected asset management: The foundation of smart communities

The best way to predict the future is to design it. And when it comes to smart communities, they’re already being constructed in locations across the world – often, with Panasonic at their heart.

Together with our partner YOTTA – a market-leading connected asset management software and services provider – we’re moving one step closer to delivering sci-fi inspired futures, today, with TOUGHBOOK technology.

Through the partnership of our rugged TOUGHBOOK mobile hardware, combined with YOTTA’s revolutionary software, we’ve developed a new end-to-end solution for organisations to manage their city-wide infrastructure.


Creating a safer, more secure city for all

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction: our society’s protectors keeping a watchful eye over the population, using camera systems deployed across a city to monitor the people and places that need the most protection.

But for Nitra – Slovakia’s oldest city – it’s become reality.

Now, the city’s inhabitants and visitors alike are kept safe by Nitra’s municipal police, with the help of strategically-placed Panasonic cameras. With the ability to monitor key locations and junctions in razor-sharp high-resolution, plus crystal-clear face- and vehicle licence plate-recognition technology, even the most challenging urban environments can be kept safe and secure.

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