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How technology-driven experience drives business progression

The desire to enjoy, learn and be entertained is a universal trait. And now, more than ever, research is showing that people desire new, in-person experiences.

Today, the latest generation of AV technology is driving an exciting new world of ‘Immersive Experience’ for entertainment. And with the right quality technology, combined with a vivid imagination, the opportunities are limitless.

David Sempere, Head of Visual Solutions at Panasonic Business, provides exclusive insights into the trend.

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Going glass-to-glass to bring eSports to millions

The world of eSports is exploding, with millions of players and fans attracted year on year. For production companies, the challenge is clear – how to create and deliver immersive live video experiences for viewers around the globe?

At Panasonic, we’re not simply joining this growing movement. We’re helping to define its course. Kairos, our ground-breaking IT/IP video processing platform, is playing a leading role in the future of eSports, turning serious CPU and GPU processing power into true uncompressed video. Combined with our live and remote camera systems, high-brightness projectors and stunning displays, it’s helping us connect eSports to its fans, from glass to glass, and creating inspirational possibilities.


A new contender for entertainment

In recent years, LED displays have dominated the market. Their ability to produce bright, high-contrast images made them the technology of choice over projection, seeing them used in everything from video walls to stage backdrops.

Now, a new contender has entered the arena.

At Panasonic, we’re proud to have raised the bar with our powerful large venue projectors, proven to out-perform the LED Display. For flexible image casting without compromising on quality.

The world is your canvas.

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